Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's in BioLumina besides Spirulina?

Absolutely nothing else (except blessings!) is in BioLumina.
When we make tablets in the future, there will be absolutely nothing else in them either. This is no easy feat these days; almost every manufacturer of tablets insists on putting other ingredients. "Excipients" they call them. Special agents to make the powder flow more easily through the equipment (so the equipment can run at higher speeds) or coatings to make the tabs shiny or disintegration agents to counter-act the coating or fillers or binders or on an on and on... It all boils down to poison in my view. They justify it by saying "it's only a little bit!" but it is poison. We will not do this. There are some natural "excipients" (like organic rice bran powder for example) but why even use those unless absolutely necessary?
With BioLumina we do not need to use any of these things as long as we have a manufacturer who will go along with our way of doing things. Fortunately we do! We went to great lengths to find a packaging/processing business that did not add excipients to the product (they like to add those as it makes the machines run faster... more production.... more money for them) which are basically poison. In checking with over 25 companies, we only found 4 who were willing to do this.
We are purists so it is important to us to offer a quality product with absolute clarity in its purpose of providing healing energies.

Just 100% pure natural Spirulina Quantum Infused!

Any side effects?

Spirulina has no side effects.
It detoxifies the body in a daily basis, which is not a side effect, it's detox.
There are no risks involved if you start slowly.
That's why it's recommened to start slowly and build up, in order to avoid discomfort from too many toxins coming out of the body at the same time.
Start with 1/4 teaspoon and build up to a tablespoon or what feels confortable for you.
Once you've reached a dosis that feels comfortable and good, you stay there.
If you need a little more energy one day or stay awake longer, just take more that time...no problem...!

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