Saturday, June 2, 2012

BioLumina & Parkinsons - Testimonial

I had suffered miserably for 11 years, since 2000, from the extreme body-shaking symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Then, fortunately, the day before Thanksgiving last November, I visited my new friend, Eliahu Goodman, to receive a Quantum Breath, Reiki Energy, and Alchemical Crystal Bowl healing session from him. When I arrived, Eliahu made a delicious BioLumina Spirulina Smoothie for me. The Smoothie had BioLumina Spirulina, organic apples, organic bananas, and pure water in it. About five minutes after drinking that BioLumina Smoothie I was amazed when I suddenly went from my body exhibiting lots of excess and chaotic movement to experiencing full body calm. And right then I was able to meditate for the first time in years! What is so unusual about this is that since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2,000 my body pretty much always been in a state of excess movement, except when I’d get brief relief for an hour or two by taking medications that had side effects which may have contributed to my feelings of abject depression. That day, I hadn’t taken any medication; yet shortly after drinking that BioLumina Spirulina Smoothie, my body, mind and spirit felt completely aligned and connected again. That was so wonderful!
The next morning was Thanksgiving, and I suddenly had a lot more to be thankful for. I felt great! The beneficial effects of the BioLumina Spirulina Smoothie that Eliahu had given me at his home the day before (including my body not shaking uncontrollably, and my body mind and spirit feeling so connected) had lasted for a full 8 hours. That had never happened since the onset of the Parkinson’s, and my energy was really high! So much so, that my daughter saw it, and she encouraged me to call Eliahu and order the BioLumina Spirulina from the New Phoenix Rising Company immediately. I did that over the Internet with Eliahu’s help, and am I ever so thankful for that I did! I was thankful, too, that Eliahu called New Phoenix Rising’s Founder, Lance Leonard, for me on Thanksgiving Day, and that the next day Eliahu drove half an hour to meet personally with Lance and his wife, Lyndia, who took time out from their long Thanksgiving weekend to give Eliahu the BioLumina which he personally delivered to me. That was so kind of the three of them to do that for me.
Previously, I had been so depressed from the Parkinson’s and its terrible impacts on my personal and business life that I had hid under the covers in the morning every day, read novels all day long. I didn’t instigate or return client phone calls, and I ate and slept very irregularly. With BioLumina, happily, I get up in the morning and get right into my day. And, I’m calling my clients and returning their calls promptly. BioLumina Spirulina is a miracle food. My life energy is flowing again, and miracles are happening, including miracles of prosperity! I am so grateful. From here on I intend to have BioLumina Spirulina every day, always because having my BioLumina Spirulina Smoothie every day, or not, makes all the difference in the world for me! Sincerely, K.L. CA

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