Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BioLumina©: Full-Spectrum Nutrition

BioLumina is such a wonderful food that, on first meeting, it can seem "too good to be true."
These are some of the many ways BioLumina enhances well-being.

About BioLumina Spirulina: The multi-celled, fresh-water microalgae, spirulina, is estimated to have been on Earth for 3.6 Billion years. (It is estimated that Earth is 4.5 Billion years old, and that multi-cellular life began on Earth 1 Billion years ago.) Having been on Earth for so long, BioLumina has a vast innate knowledge of living here in balance successfully. Further, it seems to be "friends" with all living things, including humans, animals and plants. Few other organisms want to live where spirulina lives; it does not compete for its place in the ecosystem. Spirulina's "happy place" is in highly alkaline fresh water at 120 degrees F, or higher, in full sunlight. When grown in these conditions, spirulina develops high concentrates (20% or more) of the powerful anti-oxidant, phycocyanin, the royal-blue pigment, as well as a powerful nutritional profile. (Most spirulinas have 10%, or less.)There are no counter-indications for eating spirulina, any more than there would be for eating carrots. It is a FOOD, NOT a supplement or medicine. Spirulina is the only known food -- other than mother's milk -- that humans can live on for extended periods. To this magnificent food, New Phoenix Rising applies a proprietary Quantum-Infusion process to add a subtle-energy profile of frequencies, including well-being, balance, groundedness, endurance and quick recovery.

Consciousness & Transformation: Dr. Christopher Hills, known as the "Father of Spirulina," for his work in bringing spirulina to the world's attention as a solution to feeding the hungry, stated that spirulina is "the most direct way to get sunlight into the cells" and is a "key to both health and evolution." In an article written by Dr. Hills, titled "Spirulina as Nutrition for the Brain," he writes that "the interesting part... is the remarkable effects of this vegetable plankton on our state of consciousness, particularly while fasting on nothing else...; most people feel increased energy and clarity of mind after taking the Spirulina...." The Quantum-Infusion subtle-energy profile also provides an energetic boost to consciousness.

Immunity & Stress: With its complete, bio-available spectrum of nutrition, including vitamins A, six Bs, D, E, H and K, iron, chlorophyll, all essential and many non-essential amino acids, a range of phyto-nutrients, including the super-antioxidant, phycocyanin, BioLumina supports the function and repair of the immune system, as well as supporting healthy response to stressors, while binding free radicals. BioLumina's massive amounts of beta-carotenes (20 times more than carrots) and other phyto-nutrients work to reverse damage from oxidative-stress. The "master antioxident," SOD, in BioLumina assists in maintaining all body tissues, by supporting accurate DNA/RNA replication of cells. BioLumina has a strong profile of trace minerals, both major and minor. Healthy rest, and sleep are supported as the system recovers from stress. Filling in nutritional gaps creates radiant skin, hair and nails and builds immunity to contagious illness, such as colds and flu.

Energy, Metabolic Balance & Weight Loss: No, BioLumina is NOT a magic weight-loss food. Eaten over time, however, its role in increasing energy and supporting metabolic balance help the body to regain its "natural" weight. The energy BioLumina provides is quick and sustained, without energy dips, supporting endurance and quick recovery. Rhamnose, and phenylalanine in BioLumina work to regulate the body's glycemic balance, assisting those who have sugar issues, while regulating the body's appestat without stimulants. BioLumina is a rich source of Omega 3s and 6s, with large amounts of GLA, a healthy fat that assists in many areas of well-being. One tablespoon of BioLumina shaken or blended into your favorite juice can act as a meal replacement, thus assisting in a focused weight-loss program. Finally, BioLumina is 60-70% protein, and unlike animal-derived proteins, is MUCH more easily digested and bio-available.

Heart, Blood, and Cardiovascular Health: With its Omega 3s and 6s and GLA, BioLumina supports heart and cardiovascular health, regulating blood pressure, improving elasticity of heart tissue, reducing serum cholesterol, relieving arthritis symptoms and preventing atherosclerosis. By lowering lipid levels in the blood, BioLumina works to increase vascular health and plasticity. Further, by alkalinizing the entire system, BioLumina decreases inflammation (one of the leading causes of disease in general). The B12 in BioLumina helps build healthy blood, increasing hemoglobin over continued use, and is of special importance to those who lean toward anemia. The calcium in BioLumina regulates blood pressure and soothes the effects of stress on the nervous system and brain.

Digestion, Detox & Cleansing: BioLumina begins its work in the body by cleansing the digestive system. It is VERY important to make friends with it slowly, starting with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per day for an adult. Even people with relatively "clean" systems can experience detox symptoms initially. There are no allergens in BioLumina. It helps the body throw off all toxins, most importantly radioactive molecules, mercury and heavy metals. by binding to them (chelating) and flushing them from the body. BioLumina aids digestion, first, by being highly digestible itself, having a soft cell wall. It cleanses the liver and gall bladder and gut, regulating bowel activity. There is some evidence that BioLumina prevents candida overgrowth by regulating the balance of gut microbes.

Preparedness: I have personally stored and eaten spirulina that was stored for a decade. This is not surprising when we consider that in nature spirulina dries out on the shores of lakes, where it can remain dormant for years and revive when moistened to grow again. This makes BioLumina the PERFECT food for long-term storage. Because of its low-temperature air drying, BioLumina remains dormant when stored in a cool, dark, dry place. (NOT in the refrigerator.) Months or years later, when it is taken off the shelf and added to a liquid, it immediately becomes enzymatically active -- a LIVING food, with a powerful nutritional profile on which you and your family can live in well-being for months, if necessary. Added to a traditional preparedness supply, BioLumina assures all vital nutrients will be available.

Radiation: Given the situation currently in the Northern Hemisphere, this section should really be first on this list. Eaten regularly, BioLumina PROTECTS, CLEANSES, AND REPAIRS in relation to radiation exposure. It protects the body by saturating the thyroid with bio-available iodine; it cleanses the body by chelating radioactive isotopes out of the body; it repairs by supporting accurate DNA/RNA replication of damaged cells, making it invaluable for ones having chemo/radiation treatments. Children, in particular, are vulnerable to lifelong cellular damage from radiation exposure. (If radiation protection were BioLumina's only benefit, it would be sufficient reason to eat it.) Further, along these lines, BioLumina supports the body in healthful absorption of sunlight: less burning and more tanning. Finally, BioLumina assists the body in responding well to the increased solar energies as we go through Solar Maximum from 2012 to mid-2015.

When the above benefits are considered, it is simply clear that the choice to put BioLumina in the body is one of the most responsible, economical, and health-supporting choices one can make for oneself and one's family.

© by Linda S. Masterson